Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am slowly turning red and bumpy.

We won something.
Which means I no longer have to consider throwing myself in front of a Citroen. It also means I can hang out with all the South Africans who have won heaps of Lions and not feel a bit akward when they ask me how things are going.
At last nights Press and Design awards Ogilvy Cape won a Bronze Lion for Volkswagen and Ogilvy Joburg won two Silvers for Nike and Greenpeace. We were the best SA agency on the night.
It was all good.
It also, for a short time anyway, caused me to forget about a mysterious condition that has caused me to come out in red itchy bumps. Everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
To avoid a humiliating interaction with a rude, unhelpful French physician I turned to Google.
I typed in "red" and "itchy" and "bumps".
For good diagnostic measure, and on the recommendation of my new Swiss friend, Pious, I cross referenced this with the word "allergy".
According to an obscure Google source I have developed a seafood allergy. This makes sense. Since arriving I have subsisted on nothing but Scallops and Maltesers. Not together mind you.
Generally I have handfuls of Maltesers for breakfast (they go really well with French coffee) and then eat Scallops for lunch and dinner. I like Scallops a lot. So it's a great pity they don't like me.
Perhaps its just French Scallops - a specific sort of rude, nasty, uncooperative type of Scallops.
I hope so.
Today I looked at all the Press and Outdoor winners plus all the Design pieces. It's quite something to be able to stroll through a hall and look at all of the world's best advertising work in just a few hours. There was some great, great stuff. The only abomination seemed to be a truly horrendous campaign for Wrangler that won the Press Grand Prix. Maybe it's just me but it looks for all the world like the Press jury went on an extened journey up their own rectums while choosing the grand prize. Hope they make it back in time for the closing party.

Tomorrow is the release of the Film, Integrated and Titanium Shortlist. I will spend about 8 hours in a dark room looking at the best TV the world has to offer this year.
Lovely. And not a Scallop in sight.
Although I might have a few handfuls of Maltesers.

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