Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chris from Cannes, not.


Haven't left yet. I am still in Kenilworth, which is nowhere near Cannes.

I have, however, received a pep-talky email from my jury chairman in Cannes - a fellow who goes by the name of Bill Rosen. Bill, it seems, feels very inspired by the weeks to come and wants us, his jury, to feel inspired too.
It is difficult to feel inspired when covered in baby vomit and Guava and Date Purity, but I will try. For Bill.

Bill says we have a huge responsibilty to seek out the world's best work. At the moment I am seeking out a clean towel to clean up baby goo.
I am also growing increasingly distracted by South Africa's inability to penetrate the defences of Iraq.

The next time I write I will be in Cannes. I promise.

And I will be inspired. I promise, Bill.