Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A few travel tips

A good thing to remember, when in France, is to try to avoid the French as far as possible.
This is difficult, France being populated largely by French people, but it does save you the countless ritual humiliations that seem to form such a vital part of being a tourist here.
There is a Concierge at my hotel. The Concierge is supposed to be the man who helps you do stuff. Like find a plug for my laptop. Thing is, he doesn't appear to be interested in me or my problems. He is an unhelpful Concierge. Which is a bit like being a really shy telemarketer or a dyslexic signwriter. Anyhow, back to the real reason for my being here, the World Advertising Championships. My first day of judging at Cannes was intense, exciting, funny (haha and peculiar) and punctuated by the terse remarks of a Dutch juror who seems convinced we are all idiots.
I have seen some interesting stuff. A spider in a glass tank for a bank. A human vending machine for a clothing store. Although I am embargoed from saying too much. According to Terry Savage, the CEO of the Festival, there are literally hundreds of journalists here scouring the streets and the web for titbits about what might win so they can get the scoop before the opposition papers do. Personally I think this may be overestimating the global impact of this Festival, but I will keep quiet for the time being. We have two more days of going through all the entries before we come up with a list of finalists. We confirm the shortlist on Saturday and then award Lions on Sunday. On Monday we have a Press Conference to let the info-hungry hordes of journos know what's won before the ceremony on Monday. Now, If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and ask the Concierge if he can tell me where I can find a helpful Concierge.

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